CESAB Launches High Productivity B600

Posted Wed, 10/23/2013 - 15:05

CESAB Material Handling Europe has launched the latest edition of its powerful 80 volt forklift truck, the all new CESAB B600 range.

Aligning with CESAB’s B-series family of electric counterbalanced  forklifts, the B600 features CESAB’sIntelligent Mast Design technology (IMD) with the latest advances in productivity and safety features from the European manufacturer.

The 4-wheel AC electric forklift B600 range has been designed by CESAB engineers to achieve the highest levels of workplace productivity, with six models offering load capacity from the 2 tonnes of the new compact B620 model to the high capacity 3.5 tonne B635. The range also includes 2.5 and 3.0 tonne forklifts in the high battery capacity L version for extended working operations. 

The innovative features of IMD and an ergonomically designed, rounded overhead guard ensure that the B600 offers the best possible all round visibility for operators, enabling them to work more easily and achieve quicker, quieter and less stressful workplace operations. 

As a new standard IMD safety feature on CESAB forklifts, the B600 incorporates automatic speed reduction with forks lifted.  Should an operator try to drive the B600 either with or without a load and with the forks in an elevated position the truck will automatically limit the speed possible to within safe levels helping to prevent accidents.

Optional extra protection of the electric motors ensures that the B600 electric range can work outdoors as well as indoors, with minimal risk of water damage, making it a powerful alternative to diesel and LPG options.

The B600 range is designed to handle multi-shift operations with ease, with its optional side battery transfer making it ideal for high intensity applications, particularly in the logistics, distribution, manufacturing and beverage sectors.

Built to last with durable metal panels that protect the driver and truck without adding unnecessary weight, the B600 is a powerful workhorse with low maintenance requirements, all helping to ensure lower lifetime ownership costs and a higher return on investment.

Ergonomics are at the heart of the B600 design, with the spacious cabin, a multi functional armrest and easy access on to the truck from both sides ensuring maximum comfort for drivers. The B600 offers a choice of seats and pedal configurations, with three programmable power settings allowing the truck’s performance to be tailored to specific materials handling operations and to the skill and experience level of the operator, delivering higher performance or longer battery life as needed.

Angelo Aldé, director of CESAB Material Handling Europe: “CESAB’s passion for engineering and our extensive experience built up in the electric forklift sector have come to the forefront with the launch of the new B600. Total productivity was our absolute focus in designing the range. Our engineers and specialist mast designers worked collaboratively and in consultation with customers across Europe to ensure that every single requirement, from visibility and comfort to strength and durability, was delivered to the highest level. 

“Manufactured in Europe using the world renowned TPS* and with IMD fitted as standard across the range, customers managing even the most intensive and demanding of material handling operations now have the opportunity to drive their business ahead with one of the most productive and ergonomically advanced forklift ranges on the market. ”